Grammarly Review: Best Grammar Checker Tool In 2017

Grammarly Review

Proofreading any documentation for spotting out the present errors is quite an important yet painful task. Many times it happens that despite going through the entire document, the human eye fails to detect the typing and spelling errors.

The unspotted errors can become quite embarrassing when passed on to seniors or executive level individuals.

However, with Grammarly, you don’t have to feel all those glitches anymore. The multi-functional tool shall be reading and rectifying your work on your behalf. You can also check the duplicate content by just one click. You can also know the unoriginal content source instantly. The tool exactly works like a human eye and identifies tiniest of mistakes in the write-ups.

Grammarly Review: Best Grammer Checker Tool 2017

So here I am going to review Grammarly. I have been using this tool for last 1 year. I would say this is awesome Grammar checking tool and recommend to every blogger and writer to use this tool.

Grammarly comes up with peculiar “personal writing handbook” feature for the journalist category of writings. It tracks up the score of each writing and provides a detailed report of the personal strengths. The tool is acting as a blessing for millions of writers worldwide. It not only helps the beginners to spot their mistakes but also helps the professionals to learn up new things further.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an exceptional tool that offers unsurpassable content checking services. It looks after punctuations, sentence structures, plagiarism, grammar, spellings, typing mistakes and conceptual spellings for multiplying the overall quality of your work.

The tool furthermore lets you choose amongst American and British styled English so that precise checking can take place.

The punctuation and grammar checker identify the redundant, mistyped and missing punctuations. It highlights the committed mistakes in dark red and green lines as a “possibly confused” error or with a correct spelling suggestion. The users just need to click on the suggestions and green lines present on the right-hand side of the document to make corrections.

How to use the Grammarly?

There are two ways of using the Grammarly tool. You can upload a document on the app, or you can check the error directly. If you are a blogger and using WordPress CMS, then you can directly correct the error on WordPress editor. Whereas, if the user chooses to upload the content, then the tool shall check the entire document at once and array the present mistakes within a single shot.

The Grammarly tool is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox Microsoft Office, and Windows. If need just installs and create an account with your Id and password. If you want to use Grammarly on Google Chrome then Download from Chrome web Store and install. Finally, Sign up or log in if already have and start using Grammarly.

Important features of Grammarly:

To keep it simple and straight, Grammarly is one of the best grammar checking tools ever invented. The dexterous tool supercharges your writing style extensively. Let’s have a look at the premium features of this tool;

  • vocabulary enhancement suggestions
  • Checking as per writing styles
  • 100+ spelling and grammar tools
  • Plagiarism detector
  • Adds words to the personal dictionary
  • Helps to check synonyms and definitions through double checks
  • Detailed explanations of the grammar rules
  • Uses native OS

Vocabulary enhancement:

Grammarly has embedded sentence structure detector that identifies the inappropriate sentences and misused words. The style check is slightly subjective in nature. It flags redundancies, typos and enhances the overall writing style. The vocabulary enhancement tool confers refined words that give better appetence to your write-up.

Grammarly, additionally suggests the writers to avoid using long sentences and tries to cut them short thereby enhancing the simplicity and quality of their documents. It catches the obvious mistakes and gives the right kinds of suggestions that can be helpful for you.

There are additional vocabulary enhancement warnings as well. Grammarly proofreads the document and suggests you replace a particular word if it is used excessively. The “overused” words are suggested to be replaced with their matching synonyms that are availed by Grammarly itself.

Plagiarism checker:

If you want to know that whether a particular line or paragraph is original or not, you can make the use of plagiarism option present in Grammarly tool. The plagiarism detector shall flag it cent percent unoriginal if the words have been copy-pasted from somewhere else. Besides, the tool also suggests different words and synonym so that you can change those words to get an original documentation out of the copied one.

Grammarly free VS premium version:

Grammarly has two versions free and premium. If you want to access all features of Grammarly, then you need to upgrade your plan.

Although, there are numerous free features offered by Grammarly tool. Yet some of its key features have been kept paid.

In the free version, you can check the grammatical error, synonyms, and explanation grammar rules, etc.

The advance level checking, vocabulary enhancement feature, plagiarism detector and genre-specific checking can be specifically availed by upgrading to its premium version on payment of few bucks. The free version only lets you check the fundamental grammatical and punctuation errors. It does not check the critical and advanced issues at all.

Pros and cons of Grammarly:

Grammarly is the best online grammar checker tool, and few features of Grammarly is helping us a lot. So, There are a lot of advantages of using Grammarly.


  • Grammarly shall never disappoint you when it comes to improvising quality contents.
  • The positive side of the tool is that it checks your content for free at a very fast speed.
  • The ease of operating this tool does not let’s need you to have any technical knowledge. Within just a few seconds, the tool displays confused words, typing errors, punctuation mistakes, and spelling mistakes.
  •  The Grammarly approach of rectifying the documents not only assists in the elimination of mistakes but also helps to fortify your overall writing skills and grammar.


  • The customer support of Grammarly can be only approached through emails. There is no provision of telephonic support. However, the email support is prompt enough to keep you at peace.
  • There is also a writer community that can assist you to answer basic questions and queries.
  • You can’t be to use Grammarly without the Internet connection on Web browsers.

Grammarly integrates Thesaurus and comprehensive dictionary. It is indeed the most useful vocal enhancement tool present in Grammarly. The MS office version of the tool confers augmented checking at your disposal. Even  You can commence writing where ever you want without needing to worry about anything else. However, there are no plug-ins available for the MAC platforms.

Final words about Grammarly

So, It is a fantastic tool that lets you analyze the documentations of every genre.  Grammarly integrates optimal community, teaching and proofreading aspects for generating long-lasting effects upon you as a writer.

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